Substation automation systems.

The process of digitisation of substation automation systems introduces new functionalities that contribute to the reduction of operational costs.
In this context, electrical utilities have the opportunity to benefit from the new functions and concepts introduced by IEC 61850 technology by introducing new specification, engineering and documentation methods adapted to this new environment.

Graphical working environment with configurable views

Automatic configuration of IEDs

Definition of communication architecture

Dynamic Simulation of Logic Functions

Import and export of libraries and projects

Detailed engineering

Integrity of information and traceability

Standardisation of data models

Library configuration

Automatic generation of documentation

Functional Diagrams
Lists of signals, messages and their configuration
Communications schematics

ATLAN compiles
the information

Once the project is finished, ATLAN compiles the information and automatically generates the .scd file.
Once the project is completed, ATLAN compiles the information and automatically generates the .scd file and the project documentation. The automation of these functions together with the ability to reuse the designs in other projects provides high productivity and avoids the errors that occur when performing certain tasks manually.
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