Server version for Workgroups

ATLAN SERVER expands the functionality of the ATLAN environment in order to enhance the functionality and productivity of group work
The use of a centralized server to maintain all the information, allows the shared use of libraries and projects. With a powerful structure of profiles and groups fully configurable to optimize workflows, ATLAN SERVER includes all the features required to share a project with third parties or different departments, to improve Development and project times.

- Atlan Server Product Sheet

Single Version

ATLAN STAND-ALONE the work environment that provides all the necessary functionality to cover the life cycle of a substation.
From the conceptual design to its Maintenance phase, ATLAN stand-alone provides a friendly interface capable of integrating different technologies, with the aim that projects including conventional and IEC 61850 systems can be created without problems producing coherent documentation as well as configuration files. native IEC 61850.

- Atlan Stand-Alone Product sheet

Simplified version for documentation generation

ATLAN LITE provides a simple way to use a work environment with all the features required to generate all the documentation for a project.

ATLAN LITE guarantees the integrity of the information. The user responsible for the documentation cannot delete, modify or alter the information of the project being documented.

ATLAN LITE is an inexpensive tool for creating project documentation. Reduces costs by allowing low-specialization tasks to be carried out through a low-cost license.
- Atlan Lite Product Sheet

Project viewer version

ATLAN READER free license that allows access to all the information of a project. Any user can access the content of a project simply by opening it. There is no possibility of modifying it or creating new documentation. Get more information than just generated in documents using ATLAN.

Main Features





Generation of Device models
Connection Libraries
Name Libraries
Design of Logical Functions
Design of Data Boxes (Blocks or boxes)
Logical Functions
Smart Copy/Paste
Project Visualization
IEC61850 working environment
EC61850 Configuration Files
IEC61850 SSD file generation
Configuration View
Configuration Documentation
Wiring Documentation
Equipment Documentation
Documentation Viewing
Documentation with electronic signature
Import/Export of Libraries and Projects
Remote Control Database Integration
VLANs management and visualization
VLANs Documentation
Export of the Project to Electrical design
Shared Libraries
External Collaboration
External Clients
User Hierarchy
Advanced User Management
Backup Copies
Logic Function Simulator
Definition of Simulation traces
Step by Step Simulation
Simulation Documentation
Visualization of Logic Functions
Detail Engineering
Cabin Terminal Table
XLS export of wiring list
Documentation on the Car Terminals Table
Detail Plans
Project Book
Detail Engineering Visualization
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